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Chart A - Weight
Freight charges must be paid before shipment. Freight charges are based on weight. The following list covers shipping weights for all tile items in our brochure. Please Note: Lighting Fixtures and Washbasins have flat rate only - Leave Weight Blank.

8" & 6" Tiles 3 lbs per Tile
4" & 3" Tiles 1/2* lbs per Tile (*Please use .5)
2" Tiles 1/4* lbs per Tile (*Please use .25)
All Trim Tiles  1/2* lbs per Tile (*Please use .5)
Santo Tiles 5 lbs per Tile
Door Pulls 1 lbs per Pull
Bath Accessories 7 lbs each
Custom Plaques 18 lbs each

Note: There is a minimum charge of four pounds per package. Also no single package can exceed 50 pounds.