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The floor tile from Old Mexico


From the town of Saltillo in the State of Coahuila

comes Saltillo floor tile. Unique and distinctive,

it is considered by many to be the most beautiful floor

tile in the world.

Comparatively low-fired, yet very hardy, Saltillo tile

is completely handmade.

It does have its imperfections, particularly discolorations and occasional chipped edges.

These are not flaws, but rather the nature of the tile.




                                                              * Prices *  
  12" x 12"                                                   Regular Saltillo-unsealed    1.27
 12" x 12"                                                   Regular Saltillo-sealed     2.35
 12" x 12"                                                   Super Saltillo-unsealed   1.67
 12" x 12"                                                   Super Saltillo-sealed     2.80
 12" x 12"                                 Regular Saltillo-Hexagon or Octagon-unsealed    1.96
 12" x 12"                                 Regular Saltillo-Hexagon or Octagon-sealed   2.70
 12" x 12"                                 Super Saltillo-Hexagon or Octagon-unsealed    2.00
 12" x 12"                                 Super Saltillo-Hexagon or Octagon-sealed   2.80
  8" x 8"                                                   Regular Saltillo-unsealed    1.25
  8" x 8"                                                   Regular Saltillo-sealed     1.50
  8" x 8"                                                   Super Saltillo-unsealed   1.30
  8" x 8"                                                   Super Saltillo-sealed     1.60
  5" x 5"                                                   Super Saltillo-unsealed     1.10
  5" x 5"                                                   Super Saltillo-sealed     1.45
 9" x 11.5"                                               San Felipe (SO) - Regular unsealed   2.30
 9" x 11.5"                                               San Felipe (SO) - Regular sealed   2.80
 16" x 16"                                                 Regular Saltillo (SO) -unsealed     4.68
 16" x 16"                                                 Regular Saltillo (SO) -sealed   5.39
 16" x 16"                                                 Super Saltillo-unsealed   6.10
 16" x 16"                                                 Super Saltillo-sealed     6.80
   4" x 12"                      New Item!   Baseboard tile (with a beautiful bullnose edge on the top 12" length)   2.15
  No returns on Saltillo tile.   Any claims on Saltillo tile must be made before installation.

Saltillo is not a frost-free tile.  Prices are subject to change without notice.   

Prices effective March 13, 2013.   





*Super Saltillo:  This is a relatively new process in which a press is used to mold the tiles. 

As a result, it is a cleaner tile with fewer defects. 

Also, where regular Saltillo tile has a sharp right-angled edge, Super Saltillo edges are rounded.

Talavera Tile Installation Help:

Talavera tiles are handmade and minor size and color variations are inherent in the manufacturing process. Also, slight instances of warpage and crazing are accepted flaws created by antique firing methods and simply add warmth and charm to the finished installation. The following instructions will help ensure a satisfactory installation:

New Mexico Talavera Tile

1. Apply a thin layer of Thinset on the surface to be tiled.

2. Place a small amount of Thinset in the middle of the back of the tile. This will give the middle portion enough support to prevent the tile from cracking under pressure.

3. Set the tile in place. Do not use spacers because, as we already mentioned, each tile has a slightly different shape.

4. Use only sanded grout. Any other kind of grout may crack upon drying. It may be tinted any color. Mix until it acquires the consistency of applesauce. Apply smooth strokes in one direction.

5. Allow twenty minutes for the grout to set. A "haze" will begin to appear.

6. Use clean water and a clean sponge to gently wipe away excess grout.

7. Allow a drying period of 24 hours.

8. It may be advisable to seal the grout if it is on a countertop or table, but do not put sealer on the tiles themselves because this will result in yellowing and peeling. The tiles are already water-resistant and do not need to be sealed.

Note: Crazing, a crackled appearance on the glazed surface of Talavera tiles, will always be visible. This effect becomes more pronounced with age, particularly on level surfaces such as countertops. It is just one of many distinctive features that give Talavera its old-world, timeless appeal..

Adapted from Takahashi, Masako. Mexican Tiles: Color, style, design. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2000.

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