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Decorative Ceramic
House Numbers

Ceramic House Number Tiles





Ceramic House Number Tiles

Our TALAVERA 4" House Number Tiles have black numerals and either blue or brown (terracotta) borders.

Price: $2.75 each + S&H
T-Blue or T-Brown


We also have a large selection of SOUTHWESTERN tile numbers priced at $4.95 each + S&H. See matching tiles in our Southwestern Collection.

Ceramic number tiles from Casa Talavera



4" x 4"
F7 Floral
2" x 4"
    4" x 6"
  3" x 5" 
 6" x 6"
F1 thru F6 (special orders)
4" x 4"
T-Blue or T-Brown Letters


NEW!!   FESTIVE Number Tiles

Ceramic number tiles from Casa TalaveraCeramic number tiles from Casa Talavera

Blue bordered numbers priced at $8.95 each + S&H.  Conch shell numbers priced at $9.95 each + S&H. 


You can border your number tiles with any of our Talavera Tile patterns (See photos to the left for ideas) or choose from ready made frames. Frames are available in Wood, Tin or Wrought Iron. All number tiles are cemented and grouted into frames at no additional charge.


Tin Frame
Decorative Ceramic House Numbers
Wrought Iron Frame
Wood Tin Wrought Iron
1 Tile Frame $29.00 $39.00 $39.00
2 Tile Frame $36.00 $46.00 $46.00
3 Tile Frame $43.00 $53.00 $53.00
4 Tile Frame $50.00 $60.00 $60.00
5 Tile Frame $57.00 $67.00 $67.00
6 Tile Frame $64.00 $74.00 $74.00

All three frame types come in either vertical or horizontal layouts. Please note on ORDER FORM the type of frame (tin, wood, or wrought iron), type of numbers (T-Blue, T-Brown, F1,etc.), vertical or horizontal and house numbers wanted.

  • Shipping Charges:
    • $24.00 for each frame shipped east of the Mississippi.
    • $22.00 for each frame shipped west of the Mississippi.
    • + $4.00 Handling
  • In stock items, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Special order items, allow 8-12 weeks.
Prices Effective March 28th, 2012.   Prices subject to change without notice.

NM Phone
: 505-243-2413
Fax: 505-242-2282

NM Phone
: 505-243-2413
Fax: 505-242-2282

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