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for each item you would like to order :

  • PRODUCT ITEM/CODE NUMBER (#105, v-6, F-1, San Pasqual, etc.)
  • DESCRIPTION (Talavera Tile, Santos Tiles, Escalera Hanging Fixture - Oxidized, Tile Frame - Wood, etc.)
  • PRODUCT SIZE (4"X4", 2"X2", Small, Medium, Large, Oversized, etc.)
  • UNIT PRICE ($1.20 each for 4"x4" tile, or $96.00/100 4"x4" tiles, etc.)
  • UNIT WEIGHT (Please use UNIT weights below as total weight will be calculated)

8" & 6" Tiles 3 pound per tile Santos Tiles 5 pounds per tile
4" & 3" Tiles 1/2 pound per tile Door Pulls 1 pound each
2" Tiles 1/4 pound per tile Bath Accessories 7 pounds each
All Trim Tiles 1/2 pound per tile Number Tiles Framed 18 pounds
Lights/Washbasins (Flat Rate)

Type in the form online and PRINT, then simply fax or mail.

For Tiles & Accessories


Calculation CHART C

Street Address:
-------- Zip Code:
Quantity Unit Cost Item/Code Number (If Any), Description, Size Weight per Unit* Cost
$ lbs. $
$ lbs. $
$ lbs. $
$ lbs. $
$ lbs. $
$ lbs. $
$ lbs. $
*Please no fractions - use .5 lbs for 1/2 pound for calculations
Subtotal (Please click SUBTOTAL) $
Total Weight (Use this total to calculate Freight charges; 4 pound Minimum) _ lbs.
Handling - Please enter Amount ($4.00 per package. No package can exceed 50 lbs). $4 MINIMUM $
Freight: (Please enter amount)
Tiles & Accessories -
Note Total Weight, then see Shipping Zone Chart B & Calculation Chart C.
Light Fixtures - Flat Rate - $20 (States East of the Mississippi) $18 (Western States)
Oversized light fixtures - $32 flat..
Washbasins - Flat Rate - $55(Sm/Med) & $60(Large)
$ Note: If you are paying by credit card, you may leave the freight charge blank and we'll figure it for you.
Total $
Please check one of the following:.
( MasterCharge, Visa, and Discover Cards are accepted at no additional charge. Simply supply us with the name of the charge card, your name, account number and expiration date. A signature is required for all credit card purchases).
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Signature (Required for Credit Card Orders):

  • All orders must be paid before shipment.
  • On very large orders, delivery can be made "FREIGHT COLLECT" via rail, bus or common carrier. Please write or email for details.

All fax/mail orders are filled promptly. If there is to be any delay, we will advise you by mail. In stock items, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Special order items, allow 8-12 weeks.

Print and Mail to:
Casa Talavera, Ltd.

621 Rio Grande Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM  87104
or Fax to:

Casa Talavera NM Phone: 505-243-2413
Fax: 505-242-2282
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