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New Mexico Talavera Tile
Mexican Tile for
Southwest Decor

MORE DESIGNS - Beautiful Handmade Talavera Tiles from Old Mexico with an amazing selection of colors and patterns to create an ambiance and style all your own.

For design ideas, be sure to check out our Photo Gallery pages and matching accessories (sinks, pulls and trim pieces). See also Tile Prices for Additional Sizes

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Mexican Talavera Tiles
Mexican Tile for Southwest Decore



New Mexico Talavera Tile

Solid colors available are terracotta, dark green, yellow, blue, off-white, and medium green.
Price for 4"x4" Solid Blue (#159) is $1.65 each or $150.00/100 tiles.
All other solid colors are $1.40 each or $110.00/100 tiles.
To take advantage of the bulk price, all must be same color. Tiles also available in 8"x8", 6"x6", 3"x3", and 2"x2".
Please note: We have made an effort to replicate the colors faithfully. However, different monitors will display the colors differently.
If you need absolute color accuracy, please order a sample tile before beginning a large project.


Prices for the 4"x4" Talavera Specialty tiles are $1.65 each or $150.00/100 tiles

Jota # 162 Mostaca # 163 Rosa # 164 Azul-B # 165 Cafe # 167 Blanco
# 168
Negro # 169
# 170
156 Palido
# 171
157 Palido
# 172
159 Palido
# 173
Negro Palido
# 174
# 175
# 176
# 177

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